Priscilla Moore Illustration


Welcome to my shop!

My artwork is for big or small, and I hope it delights you! My inspiration is drawn from nature, Japan, my daily experiences and discoveries. 

French British Illustrator based in Paris, I completed my studies in Japan where I studied traditional Japanese Painting, 'Nihonga'. I work using natural earth based and mineral pigments, oyster shell 'gofun' and gold leaf on washi paper and wood. I also enjoy working with watercolours and gouache.

I am open to orders, if there is a product that is no longer available I'll be happy to reproduce or take on a new challenge! Dont hesitate to contact me via email to discuss! 

Thank you for visiting!

Published works:
'Fêtes et Légendes à Kyoto' published by Editions Nomades, 2013
'Kokekokko!' (a collective of 16 illustrators) published by Editions Issekinicho, 2014